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Premium Ceramic Window Tint

Apply premium ceramic Window tint to sights and rear of vehicle after proper prep has been performed. Lifetime warranty as per manufacture. Any shade combinations available from 5%/limo to 70%/clear

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Exterior Wash Non-Coated Vehicle

Perform exterior wash to vehicle that has not been ceramic coated

Interior Vacuum and Wipedown

Signature Sealant Applied

Windows wiped and sealed

3 hrs approx.

Starting at $75.00

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Exterior Wash Ceramic Coated Vehicle

Featured Service

Wash ceramic coated vehicle with approved products

Exterior Ceramic Booster Applied

Windows Wiped and Sealed/Boosted

Interior Wipe Down and Vacuum 

3 hrs approx.

Starting at $40.00

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Basic Prep Service

Featured Service

Wash exterior of vehicle , wipe down doorjambs and detail nooks and crannies. Clean wheels and apply tire dressing if desired. Interior Vacuum and Wipedown. Glass Cleaned.

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Standard Ceramic Coating Prep Service

Perform full body foam bath with clay bar service. Detail nooks and crannies. Clean doorjambs and seals. Detail wheels and wheel wheels. Remove tar and oil from lower panels. Tape and protect any needed accessories. Perform standard compounding service. Perform standard polishing service. Perform full body paint prep. Ready for coating. Removes 45%-65% of paint surface defects. Great for vehicles under 500 miles.

4 hrs approx.


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Intermediate Prep Service

Wash and DeWax vehicle

Full Foam Bath with De Ironizer

Wipe Down Doorjambs and Detail Nooks and Crannies

Detail Complete Wheels and Apply Dressing if Applicable

Interior Vacuum, Degrease, Wipedown and Conditioning

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Intermediate Interior Detail

Vacuum Wipe Down Interior Clear our crevices via Air Shampoo Fabrics and Steam Plastics and Leather Deep Clean Floor Matts Condition where applicable

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1 Step Paint Enhancement Service

Featured Service

Find the best Pad/ Product combo. Perform a 1 step Paint polishing service over exterior paint. Improves paint by 35%-45% from intitial state. Great for New Cars under 500 Miles or for vehicles with average paint condition. Makes paint more clear and adds depth, 

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2 Step Industry Standard Paint Correction

Find Best Pad/ Compund. Perform 1 step Compunding Service to remove most heavy to light defects in the paint. Find Best Pad/ Polish. Perform a 1 step Polishing service to entire exterior of paint. Some vehicles may need to get paint readings prior to service as precation. Great for the average vehicle with dark paint. Improves paint by 55%-75% Of original condition. 

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Xpel Fusion Ceramic coating

After desired prep. Apply Xpel Fusion Plus to exterior of vehicle. Apply to wheel faces 4-6 year lifespan 4 year warranty


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PPF- Headlights

Apply desired PPF to Headlights 

Film is designed to protect light from UV rays, Rock pitting and Bug acids

10 Year Warranty on Clarity

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PPF- Bumper Only shop service only

Apply desired PPF to Bumper as per manufacturer's kit

Kit may be altered to improve coverage or aesthetics 

10 to 12 Year Warranty as per manufacturer 


3 hrs approx.


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PPF Essentials shop service only

Featured Service

Apply desired PPF to the following areas:

Front Bumper

Front Lights Fogs (if applicable)

Both side Mirrors

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Full Front / The Nose Job shop service only

Apply desired PPF to the following areas:

Front Bumper, Lights and Mirrors

Full Front Fenders and Hood


10-12 Year Warranty*


8 hrs approx.

Starting at $1850.00

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