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Mini Detail

Mini Detail

Hand wash and dry, interior vacuum, spot shampoo of carpet, clean rubber mats, interior wipe-down, clean windows, clean wheels, tire shine, spray wax, and bug removal. Three row SUVs and four door trucks +$20

2 hrs 30 mins approx.

Starting at $99.99

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Full Exterior Detail

Full Exterior Detail

Pre-wash foam cannon and rinse, hand wash and dry, clean windows, deep clean of wheels and wheel wells, deep tire scrub, tire shine, engine compartment rinse (upon request only), bug & tar removal from paint, clay bar treatment for deep clean of paint, one step paint polish (buff) & three month wax protection. Third row SUVs and four door trucks +$25. Basic interior wipe down and vacuum +$40. 

2 hrs 30 mins approx.

Starting at $179.99

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Full Interior Detail

Full Interior Detail

Invasive interior vacuum, deep carpet shampoo, shampoo or condition seats, clean dash, deep clean of all interior panels, deep clean of consoles, deep clean of floor mats, clean door jambs,  clean windows. Three row SUVs and four door trucks +$25. Basic Exterior Wash +$25 (Trunk Included)

2 hrs 30 mins approx.

Starting at $179.99

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Full Interior + Full Exterior Package

Full Interior + Full Exterior Package

Includes full interior and exterior detail packages. Starts at $275 depending on vehicle size, condition, and extent of cleaning required. 

4 hrs approx.

Starting at $275.00

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Ultimate Detail Package

Ultimate Detail Package

Includes the Full Interior + Full Exterior Detail package plus: deep air vent steam treatment, all surface sanitizing steam treatment, seat rail cleaning, inside of center console/glovebox, odor removal, engine bay detail, undercarriage wash, trim polish/restoration, headlight polish/restoration, chemical paint decontamination, spray-on ceramic coating (wheels included), windshield polish, and truck bed detail. 

7 hrs approx.

Starting at $499.99

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Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating

A ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that is manually applied and chemically bonds to the surface of your vehicle's paint. Once cured, it creates a solid layer of protection, deep gloss finish, and hydrophobic properties; making your vehicle stay cleaner longer. Prior to applying a ceramic coating, we complete a one or two step compound and polish treatment to correct any paint defects, swirl marks, or minor scratches in your vehicle's paint. This allows us to "lock-in" the best possible paint surface before we coat the vehicle.

Prices include the following: foam bath, hand wash, chemical decontamination of paint, mechanical decontamination of paint (clay bar), bug and tar removal, clean wheels, deep clean of wheel wells, IPA treatment to strip paint of existing wax, one-step paint correction polish, additional IPA treatment, and the coating of your choice. Prices listed above are starting prices for one-step paint correction only.

10 hrs approx.

Starting at $700.00

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Boat Detailing

Boat Detailing

$10 per foot for boat length 

3 hrs approx.

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