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For those new to our company: Our goal is full transparency. There are no hidden fees or tricks up our sleeves. We put all information in plain text from our prices to our warranty. If you are booking directly through google and haven't visited our website we suggest you head there first. Hundreds of hours have been invested to answer nearly every question your might have about Ceramic Coating (Education is our cornerstone). Click Here to be Taken to Kings Valet's Website

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FREE Coating Maintenance

Your Free 11-Step Exterior Detail Includes: 

Ph Neutral Foam Cannon, Hand Wash, Rinse, Iron Remover, Rim Detail, Foam Cannon, Hand Wash, Rinse, Hand Dry, Glass Cleaned and Tire Shine

You can book one of these details every quarter for the life of your coating!

Your Free Annual Inspection:
If this exterior detail service is being booked during April, May or June; You will have a "Ceramic Topper" included and the service will qualify as your "Annual Inspection" - Please do not add a ceramic topper for this service.

This FREE 11-Step Exterior Detail / Annual Inspection Program is only available for personal vehicles that have had their Ceramic Coating installed by Kings Valet!

(RVs, boats and commerical equipment are excluded from this program and are still subject to discussed terms at installation to maintain their warranties.)

30 mins approx.

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Lifetime Ceramic Coating

30 Days to 30 Years - As long as you own the vehicle, Kings Valet has you covered!

Your Lifetime Ceramic Coating Package will include:
✅ Full Exterior Detail
✅ Buffer Applied Polish
✅ IPA Bath
✅ Application of Coating to Paint

Kings Valet Lifetime Ceramic Coating is backed by:
✅ 200% Money Back Guarantee
✅ Free Lifetime Maintenance
✅ Free Annual Inspections
✅ Lifetime Promise

Get Peace of Mind Today by Choosing Kings Valet!

This service requires 25 hours - Vehicle must be left overnight to cure. Pick-up can occur anytime after 8 am the following day.

(More Information on this package available here: https://www.kingsvaletind.com/lifetime-ceramic-coating-program AND warranty details here: https://www.kingsvaletind.com/peace-of-mind)

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5 Year Ceramic Coating

High Gloss - Easy to Clean Protection for Years to come!

✅ Full Exterior Detail
✅ Single Step of Paint Enhancement
✅ IPA Bath / Decontamination
✅ Application of 5 Year Ceramic Coating to Paint

Get Peace of Mind Today by Choosing Kings Valet!

This service requires 25 hours - Vehicle must be left overnight to cure. Pick-up can occur anytime after 8 am the following day.

(For more information on this package we suggest heading here: https://www.kingsvaletind.com/lifetime-ceramic-coating-program and warranty information here: https://www.kingsvaletind.com/5-year-ceramic-coating-warranty)

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