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Services & Packages

The Basic Detail shop service only

Basic Detail includes vacuuming all upholstery, blow out all crevices, wipe down all panels, dashboard, and clean the inside of the windows and mirrors.

Starting at $150.00 + tax

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The Clean Slate Full Interior Detail shop service only

Featured Service

This package includes vacuuming all upholstery, compressed air blow all upholstery, crevices, and vents, shampoo/steam clean all upholstery, if leather seats they will be cleaned and conditioned, clean all plastic/vinyl panels, apply protectant to all surfaces, clean door jambs, apply odor eliminator, clean all glass inside and out to also include all mirrors.

$280.00 + tax

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The Basic Hand Wash shop service only

Basic Hand Wash Is our quick wash & dry. 

2 hrs approx.

$25.00 + tax

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Ceramic Coating shop service only

Ceramic coating to give you some of the best paint protection you can have. Ceramic helps to protect scratches and dings, harmful UV rays, while giving putting a hydrophobic layer on your paint to shed off water and makes it harder for nasty dir and soils to attach to your paint. Can be applied to paint, trims, wheels, glass, and interiors. All warrantied coatings get reported to CarFax. We have coatings ranging from 9 months,  3 years, 6 years, & Lifetime (considered 8-10 years)

Starting at $300.00 + tax

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Ceramic Coating Glass

System X Glass™ protects your windshields/windscreens, mirrors, headlamps, and glass surfaces for up to 2 years!

This amazing coating protects from micro scratches while multiplying the surface’s hydrophobic properties. System X Glass™ dramatically increases visibility in the rain and makes de-icing in the winter and cleaning insect matter in the summer a breeze.

Starting at $100.00 + tax

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Ceramic Coating of Wheels shop service only

Help protect your wheels by ceramic coating them. This will help with scratching and oxidation of wheels. Lasts up to 3 years depending on conditions wheels are subjected to.

$350.00 + tax

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Ceramic Interior Protection

This is a 2 year protection on all interior surfaces such as fabric seats, carpet, leather, and vinyl. Spills and stains cleanup easily and quickly. System-X interior is safe, no odor, and dries quickly. It provides great protection for your interior without changing the color of your leather, fabrics, or carpet.

1 day approx.

$200.00 + tax

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Ceramic Trim Restore

Rejuvenate plastic and trim. System-X is a 2-year protection.  System-X Revive brings faded plastic and trim back to life while protecting from future wear and fading.

Revive protects from future micro-scratchingand UV fading while multiplying the surface's hydrophobic properties. This product is known to bring out the deepest blacks of factory trims and vehicle plastics while transforming old faded parts to like new.

$150.00 + tax

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Headlight Restoration (Includes Both Headlights)

Restore your headlights for the safety of yourself and others. 

1 hour approx.

$120.00 + tax

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Paint Correction shop service only

Remove swirl and scratches in your clear coat to make your car shine again. This service is dependant on severity of the imperfections in your paint.  May not remove every scratch, but will get a gooc majority that are not near the paint. Estimate $75 per hour.

1 day approx.

Starting at $75.00 + tax

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Free Pick-up & Drop-Off For Valley Residents

Free Pick-up & Drop-Off For Valley Residents

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Pick-up & Drop-off Fee For Anchorage/Eagle River Area shop service only

Pick-up & Drop-off For Anchorage

$35.00 + tax

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Mold Removal (Added Cost To Full Detail) shop service only

This is an added cost on top of a full detail. Cost can be any where from $50.00 to $200.00 for smaller vehicles and larger vehicles starting at $200. This is an extensive procedure to try to kill all mold and prevent it from growing back.  We will first give your vehicle an ozone treatment to ... read more

This is an added cost on top of a full detail. Cost can be any where from $50.00 to $200.00 for smaller vehicles and larger vehicles starting at $200. This is an extensive procedure to try to kill all mold and prevent it from growing back.  We will first give your vehicle an ozone treatment to kill the spores on the surface and try and prevent any from being spread.  We will then continue to do normal detail starting with the vacuum and blow out all fracks.  We will then move to a special mixture that we will spray your whole interior and let it sit for no less than 15 minutes. This allows it to penetrate deep into the surfaces to kill the remaining mold that the ozone does not reach.  We then continue with steaming the interior, drill brushing, and extracting the interior.

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Starting at $100.00 per hour + tax

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Paint Removal shop service only

Removal of Paint

2 hrs approx.

Starting at $75.00 per hour + tax

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Animal Hair Removal (Added Cost To Detail)

This is an added cost to a detail chossen.  Price is starting at $30.00 and increases depending on severity of the hair.  We use multiple different tools to get as much hair as possible. There is no guarantee that hair will be 100% removed.

$30.00 per hour + tax

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Excessive Dirt/Mud Removal (Added Cost To Detail) shop service only

Excessive Dirt/Mud Removal.

$30.00 per hour + tax

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Mobile Travel Fee mobile service only

Mobile Travel Fee

3 hrs approx.

$30.00 + tax

Select service

Tint Removal

Tint Removal

Select service

Odor Removal

Remove stubborn odors by use of ozone. This will circulate ozone throughout your vehicle cabin and ventilation system. This does not guarantee 100% odor removal for good.

2 hrs approx.

$75.00 per hour + tax

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Engine Bay Cleaning shop service only

Full Cleaning of your engine bay using chemicals and steam.

Starting at $60.00 + tax

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Shampoo Per Compartment

Vacuum & Shampoo one compartment

$25.00 + tax

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Windshield Rock Chip Repair

Featured Service

Repair Rock chip in windshield quarter size or less. First Chip is $75.00. Each additional chip is $20.00 each.

Starting at $75.00 + tax

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Clean Slate Exterior Detail Package shop service only

This service is a complete hand wash of car with all areas of your car around the emblems, jams, crevices, etc. Then it will get an iron decontamination done to get rid of most contaminate in your clear coat. Then you will have a clay bar treatment to get rid of any stubborn leftover contaminants. Final step of waxing your car to give it like new shine.

12 hrs approx.

Starting at $400.00 + tax

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All Deposits made will be applied to the end cost of the services performed. Deposits are forfeited if you cancel your appointment set unless you call 24-hours in advance and reschedule. Our time is valuable and appointments made and cancelled cause loss of time and money that could have been scheduled by other customers.

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Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions set forth herein reflect Clean Slate Detail's policy with respect to each of its customers. All customers of Clean Slate Detail agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth below.

Our philosophy is to offer a stress-free detailing experience for our customers.

Your vehicle and performing proper detailing techniques is our first priority. We will not perform any service that shows potential to cause harm or damage your vehicle. Prior to Clean Slate Detail performing services on your vehicle, you, the owner, will advise us of any cosmetic or mechanical issues that would prevent us from completing the detail.

These may include low battery, trunk permanently shut, windows do not roll down, etc…

If your vehicle poses a potential threat to our health and/or safety, please let us know. If there is the threat of any harmful substances (needles, drugs, gasoline, etc.) in the vehicle, you must let your detail technician know prior to your detail. You will be held responsible for any health and/or safety issues arising from your vehicle.

Clean Slate Detail reserves the right to refuse service.


We will start or arrive as close to the scheduled appointment time as possible. However, sometimes situations can occur that will disrupt the daily schedule. Our safety will never be compromised by rushing to meet a schedule. You will be contacted and advised of an arrival time when schedules change beyond our control.

Pricing varies for each vehicle and is determined by size, package, and condition.

Additional charges apply for heavy stains, excessive pet hair, excessive debris removal, personal item removal and steam cleaning (if required) due to the additional time it takes.

Property Damage

Each customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Clean Slate Detail, its owners, employees and affiliates from any damage, loss, expense, cost, claim and liability (including attorney and legal fees) arising out of Clean Slate Detail services, including without limitation, any accidental property damage not relating to the services performed. I acknowledge that the unique nature of Clean Slate Detail's business may expose me to greater property damage risk, and I hereby assume such risk.

Clean Slate Detail will neither install nor remove any car seats or custom equipment from your vehicle unless deemed absolutely necessary and your approval and acceptance of these terms grants permission to do so.

We will neither remove nor install car seats from your vehicle. If you would like your car seat cleaned underneath, please have it removed prior to your appointment.

We will neither remove nor install custom equipment from your vehicle. This includes, but is not limited to, seat covers, subwoofers, light bars, pet protectors, and bumper stickers. If you would like these things cleaned underneath, please have them removed prior to your appointment.

We require a minimum 24 hours notice to change or cancel an appointment.

A hold for the full amount of your scheduled appointment may be placed on the provided credit/debit card 24 hours prior to your appointment.

An appointment is defined as one (1) scheduled car. Bookings with multiple cars will be subject to multiple cancellation fees (i.e. A $500 booking with 5 appointments at $100 each canceled after the approved timeframe can be subject to a $250 cancellation fee).

If you wish to change your appointment with less than 24 hours notice, you will have the following 3 options:

  • Reschedule your appointment at no additional cost to you. Though you will be charged for your appointment at the time of rescheduling, you may pick another day and time for Clean Slate Detail to perform the detail.
  • Cancel your appointment with a cancellation charge. The hold will be released on your card and you will be charged the cancellation fee on the same card for canceling within 24 hours. This option is valid up to six (6) hours before your scheduled appointment. Cancellations with less than six (6) hours notice are only given options 1 or 3. An appointment is not considered cancelled until the customer has confirmed the cancellation with Clean Slate Detail representative.
  • Convert your scheduled appointment to a gift card. If circumstances have changed (i.e. you sold your car and no longer have it), you may convert the full amount of your scheduled appointment to a gift card for later personal use or to give as a gift.

Clean Slate Detail reserves the right to withdrawl this option for fleet vehicle/business vehicle bookings.

There are NO GUARANTEES of bringing your vehicle back to a specific condition (i.e. Show Room New).


We accept cash and credit cards. Payment is due at the completion of the detail. If payment was made online, your card will not be charged until after completion unless a deposit is required.

There may be an additional charge for Non Sufficient Funds or Returned Payments

Photographs and Video

We have your permission to take pictures or video of your vehicle for marketing purposes. These will never be sold or given to third parties.


Reimbursement will not be paid for any minor cosmetic damage as a result of detailing your vehicle. Reimbursement will be paid for any major damage caused to your vehicle as a result of our gross negligence or willful misconduct. Clean Slate Detail will approve the body shop and/or vendors before issuing any reimbursement.

If something arises after the detail that was not noticed during the final walk around, you must contact us within 24 hours and, if needed, schedule a touch-up detail within 5 days.

Each customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Clean Slate Detail, its owners, employees and affiliates from and against any and all liabilities, expenses, damages, and costs, including attorney and legal fees, resulting from any service provided or injury after our services have been completed.

I read & agree to the terms

Clean Slate Detail & Disinfecting, LLC

4.9 35 Google reviews

Eddie AND his crew did an amazing job on my dually truck. This was the best detail/hand wash service that I have ever received. They came and picked up my vehicle and brought it back to me after they were done. They didn't miss a single area on the inside or outside of my truck. Their customer service was equally impressive. They email you pics of your vehicle after they are finished and send you a link so that you can pay online. This top notch local business has earned a loyal customer in me!
Brian Sanchez Oct 24th 2022 - 3 months ago

Excellent service! Fit us in last minute and right away to clean mildew out of a car we just purchased and are driving down the Alcan this weekend. We were dismayed to find mildew on the back seats when we picked it up from storage. Eddie did an amazing job cleaning it up and even delivered the car back to us when it was done. Thank you! We would use this service again and will highly recommend Clean Slate Detail & Disinfecting, LLC to our friends and family.
MT SB Sep 23rd 2022 - 4 months ago

100/10 experience. Eddie and his team was extremely responsive and was even nice enough to pick up my car and drop it off after the fact. The job he did was absolutely amazing; it was like a brand new car! It smelled good, looked good, and no kidding, drove better after their team was done with it. I will continue to use Clean Slate Detail & Disinfecting as well as I'll make sure to let all my friends/family know if they need their car cleaned, they are the place to go! You guys ROCK!
Tristian Compton Jan 25th 2023 - 2 weeks ago

I’m super pleased with my car. Eddie was super quick and walked me through every step of the way. Sent pictures. Made me feel super comfortable to leave my baby. She looks better then when I got her. I will be going back.
amber clark May 8th 2022 - 9 months ago

The owner seems like a really grounded and kind man, the quick availability and responsive communication is fantastic if you need quality work done in a tight time-frame. It's always good to support a local business and even with the price sitting a little on the higher end my truck was in a condition I haven't seen it in for a long time. They really do the honest work (not perfect) but just what I needed when I needed it. I'd give this experience a solid 8/10.
Colton Pineiro Jul 7th 2022 - 7 months ago
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