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Ceramic Coating

We are a Ceramic Pro® Elite dealer featuring only Ceramic Pro coatings.

3 hrs approx.

Bronze -- Two Year Package

Our most affordable traditional ceramic package. One layer of top coat on painted surfaces and 9H on plastic surfaces. Windshield protection and wheel face protection. This is a great entry-level package, but we suggest backing off to the sport package (for now) or upgrading to the silver package


  • Exterior Detail
  • Single-Step Paint Correction
  • 9H on Exterior Plastic
  • Top Coat on all Painted Surfaces
  • Coating of Wheel Faces

5 hrs approx.

$749.00 + tax

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Bronze -- Two Year Package

Ceramic Pro ION -- 7 Year Warranty

Featured Package

Rarely will you see a ceramic coatings applicator talk up a less expensive package, but the ceramic coating you choose should be about what is right for you. If you tend to replace your vehicle every 3-7 years, this is a perfect choice. Ceramic Pro ION is an Elite Dealer-only product. It is the most advanced technology on the market and Ceramic Pro's newest Ceramic Coating.

Package contains:

  • Two-StepPaint Correction
  • One Layer Ceramic Pro ION Base Coating
  • One Layer Ceramic Pro ION Top Coat
  • One Layer of Wheel & Caliper, 9H or ION on your wheel faces (Wheel’s Off Package adds $800)
  • Ceramic Pro Glass on All Glass
  • Minor Chip Repair On Request - Paint will need to be ordered.
  • Ask About Interior Ceramic Coatings

Starting at $1499.00 + tax

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Ceramic Pro ION -- 7 Year Warranty

Ceramic Pro Ultimate Ion - Lifetime Warranty

Featured Package

This option is often combined with a paint protection film over the front of the vehicle. This is an Elite Dealer offering only. ION is the most advanced technology and the newest offering from Ceramic Pro

Package contains:

  • Two-Step Paint Correction
  • Minor Paint Chip Repair On Request - Color match needs to be ordered.
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Two coats of Ceramic Pro ION Paint & Plastic
  • 1 Coat Ion Topcoat Paint & Plastic
  • 1 Coat of Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper, 9H or ION on Wheel Faces (Wheels off package $800 extra)
  • Ceramic Pro Plastic on Exterior Plastics
  • Coatings on All Glass
  • Ask About Our Ceramic Pro Interior Package!

$1949.00 + tax

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Ceramic Pro Ultimate Ion - Lifetime Warranty

Paint Correction

Paint correction is the art of reducing visible scratches and swirls without repainting a vehicle. We use the highest quality Rupes polishers and compounds

3 hrs approx.

Single- Step Paint Correction

Single-step paint correction is also available as an add-on to most detailing packages. Purchasing it this way is a much better value. Here is what is included in our single-step paint correction:

  • Exterior Detail
  • We will perform test spots to determine which pad and compound will produce the best finish in a single step.
  • Paint correction based on test spot.


$400.00 + tax

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Single- Step Paint Correction

Level 2 Paint Correction

*Please Note Level 2 Paint Correction is Included in our Bronze, Silver, & Gold Paint Correction. This package is available as an added option for substantially less than most of our detail and PPF packages. PPF includes necessary corrections on the areas to be covered without this package*


A level 2 paint correction removes 80-90% of swirls and scratches. A higher rate is removed in the upper half of panels where they are noticed. Additional attention is also paid to the hood. Less attention is paid to the roof of taller vehicles that can not be seen.


May include minor wet sanding as necessary.

$649.00 + tax

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Level 2 Paint Correction

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Did you know as a Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer we offer Ceramic Coatings, Window Tinting and Paint Protection Film?

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It is essential to consider that paint correction is also offered as an add-on to most detailing packages, and it is generally a better value. We also include paint correction in many of our ceramic packages.

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