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Revitalize your vehicle's beauty with our meticulous auto detailing. We pamper every inch, leaving your car impeccably clean, polished, and protected. Experience the luxury of a spotless, showroom-ready ride today!

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Experience The Ultimate Shine


Interior Condition
 - Vacuum/ Wipe/ Condition      

Foaming Hand-Wash
 - pH Balanced Shampoo

Paint Decontamination
 - Iron Remover / Clay

"REFLECT" Machine Polish
 - Enhancement Polish

Premium Paint Sealant
 - Hand Applied Sealant

Final Details
 - Windows / Wheels / Tires

3 hrs approx.

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Full Detail

Mini Detail

Renew & Restore Your Vehicle


Interior Tidy
 - Vacuum/ Wipe Down         

Foaming Hand-Wash
 - pH Balanced Shampoo

Paint Decontamination
 - Iron Remover / Clay

Carnuaba Wax
 - Applied to Exterior

Final Details
 - Windows / Wheels / Tires

3 hrs approx.

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Mini Detail

Hand Wash

Gentle Wash For All Vehicles


Interior Tidy
 - Vacuum/ Wipe Down         

Foaming Hand-Wash
 - pH Balanced Shampoo

Final Details
 - Windows / Wheels / Tires

3 hrs approx.

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Hand Wash

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20% REAR + 35% FRONT

35% REAR + 50% FRONT

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/per hour

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Do Any of the Following Apply to Your Vehicle?

Pet Hair

Salt Stains

Seat Stains

Water Spots

Smoke Smell

Bird Droppings

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Are you concerned about the potential damage caused by UV rays to your vehicle's paint and interior surfaces?

Have you experienced difficulties in maintaining the shine and gloss of your vehicle's paint finish?

Are you concerned about the long-term depreciation of your vehicle's value due to paint damage or fading?

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Ultimate Shield

5 44 Google reviews

The folks at Ultimate Shield are the best of the best. For over 10 years, my family and I have entrusted Sean and Ultimate Shield with our vehicles, and they have consistently delivered exceptionally outstanding results. The team at Ultimate Shield are true professionals. They’re not just passionate about what they do; they are also incredibly talented. From Paint Protection Film (PPF) installations to Ceramic Coating applications, their attention to detail is simply remarkable. You can rest assured that your vehicle is in the hands of experts who treat each car as if it were their own. I recently brought in my new Golf R. They applied PPF on the front grill, hood, and more and also completed a two-stage Ceramic Coating and full window tint. Their work is stunning! If you are looking to wrap your entire vehicle with PPF, this is the only shop you should be considering! The attention to detail and quality of work is unmatched. In a market flooded with options, Ultimate Shield stands out as the ultimate choice. Thank you, Ultimate Shield, for being the best in the business and for keeping our vehicles in pristine condition for over a decade! We wouldn't go anywhere else!!
Chase M Sep 8th 2023 - in the last week

Ultimate Shield is the best. Period. I’ve tried others only to have Ultimate Shield fix their sloppiness. Sean and his team are professionals and know what they are doing. Great product, service, and they back up their work. I’ve had them tint and wrap two Teslas and my Rivian R1S, full signature wrap. Don’t go elsewhere!
Fletcher Davis Jul 21st 2023 - a month ago

I couldn’t be happier! We recently purchased a brand new car. I have never had/owned/bought a BRAND. NEW. CAR! The caveat is, in just five short years this car will be driven by my daughter so, preservation is key. My husband, a true to form car guy and costumer of Sean’s, INSISTED we go to Ultimate Shield for a clear bra and ceramic coat as soon as we pulled off the lot. Now, as much as I ‘trust’ my husband’s opinion…I still had concerns of my own. To think, I had to hand the keys to my new baby over to ‘this guy’ for two days! Gasp! The minute Sean saw my car and the the love in my eyes I have for it he got me. He started answering questions I never even knew I had. Sean totally walked me through his philosophy, process and ASKED ME QUESTIONS, insuring what would be appropriate for my car. Quite honestly, Sean respectfully, gave me somewhat of an education. Here I was thinking, nobody could take better care of my car than me then I find out um, well, not so much. LOL! The clear bra is attached and we’re scheduled for a ceramic coat! The team at Ultimate Shield truly care about their clients and the work that they do. They are kind and professional. I would highly recommend Ultimate Shield!
Jenni McDowell-Ekstrom May 11th 2023 - 4 months ago
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