Enterprise Solutions

Offer Your Customers Powerful Software

We offer various enterprise solutions ranging from affiliate/reseller agreements to complete white-label solutions with your brand and logo on top of our software. This allows companies such as yours to offer a powerful suite of tools and software apps to your customers, creating a new vertical niche revenue stream while enhancing your existing offers and product lines to your database of customers.

Real-World Example

Let’s take a look at some of the possabilities with a real-wold example. A company selling detailing products across North America with a white-label OrbisX account can integrate directly with the inventory system so that as each customer runs out of a particular product, a notice is sent to the admin on the account prompting them to either A) reorder now directly from the company or B) flag the inventory as sufficient for now until the next inventory check.

The OrbisX system is capable of calculating how much product is used in real-time to make inventory suggestions as products need to be replenished. This can be accomplished with the artificial intelligence built into the OrbisX using a powerfully crafted algorithm that can be tailored for each specific case scenario depending on the products available from the white-label subscriber.


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